Why we exist

To improve lives and the world through learning.

What we do

We create systems that support students, teachers, and school leadership to improve educational outcomes.

Who we help



Students using our systems can develop strong learning habits, increase their confidence, make more progress and unlock their potential.



Teachers using our systems gain increased visibility, data insights and time savings, empowering them to spend more time on activities of greatest impact.



Schools using our systems are supported to build learning cultures that are ambitious, transparent and impactful.

How we do it

Every subject is different, so each Sparx system is carefully researched and designed to maximise impact in that discipline. However, everything we create shares the following underlying principles:

Quality pedagogy enables powerful learning. We thoroughly research, design and test all of our systems to ensure they enable high-quality and impactful learning. Using observations and feedback from teachers, we continually iterate and improve on all Sparx systems so that we stay at the forefront of education.