As a socially-focused education technology company, Sparx Learning has been reimagining the way children learn at home and in school since 2010. Our aim is to improve life opportunities, for over five million learners worldwide by 2030 (#Ed5M). 

Sparx Learning encompasses Sparx Maths, and HegartyMaths , both of which are for schools. The latest addition to the family is Numerise,  designed for students at home. All of our current technologies are designed to improve student progress and attainment in maths.

We are still at the start of our journey to motivate and engage learners across the globe.  We have big ambitions. Collaboration, creativity and innovation are embedded in our culture – a mindset we share with everyone we work with.

Sparx Maths – Sparx provides personalised learning to students which increases progress in maths.Underpinned by over 50 million bespoke data points, our world-class content, sophisticated technology and high levels of support.

HegartyMaths –  Hegarty Maths is an incredibly successful maths homework software solution, founded by Colin Hegarty, UK Teacher of the Year in 2014 and finalist in the Global Teacher Prize 2016. Hegarty is used in many UK schools and its focus on the science of teaching and learning maths, 

aligns closely with Sparx’ values and approach.

Numerise – Numerise is completely personalised to your child and is extremely easy to use. Whatever their level, Numerise helps them improve in maths. Questions match the topics in Key Stage 3 and GCSE Maths, so your child can practise independently, work through topics they are struggling with or get help with long-term revision.

Sparx’ CEO is Dan Sandhu and the principal shareholder is Oxygen House.

About Oxygen House

Oxygen House is a group of like-minded companies which combines patient capital with farsighted altruism in pursuit of a better educated, carbon-neutral society. Focusing on data analytics, education, sustainable property development, renewable energy, and city planning, we harvest the beneficial outcomes of impact investment, where financial return and community wellbeing are symbiotic. The corollaries are broader societal advance, awareness of the importance of arresting climate change and, ultimately, a cleaner, smarter, more prosperous world.